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Professional Endorsements

(Current date through year 2000)

Date: November 20, 2007
Organization: Gary , BSN, RN
Location: Finksburg, MD
Author: Gary, BSN, RN
Indications: Anxiety, Depression

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I am not a psychiatrist, but I am an RN. I suffer from PTSD with bouts of anxiety and depression that have
made my life pretty much unbearable and completely unproductive / non-functional. I am treatment
resistant to meds. SSRI's make me sick to no end. After 1 or 2 doses of an SSRI, I get flu like symptoms
that give me terrible body aches, chills, N/V, chronic diarrhea, and a foggy head with terrible headaches. I take Serzone 200mg bid for the past few months without any improvement. This is the only antidepressant I have been able to tolerate. The only thing that helped me just a little bit was Xanax and Klonopin, which I still take today. I have also tried low dose mood stabilizers (Lamicatal) and low dose antipsychotics, such as Seroquel and Abilify, all to no avail. After borrowing an Alpha-Stim device from a friend, I used it for about a week. At first, I had the setting a little too high and would get dizzy, nauseated, and headaches. During the treatment I would get a woozy feeling through me head. I was instructed by the people at Alpha-Stim to turn the dial down from 3 to either 2 or 1 and wear it for an hour. Once I did this, I no longer felt the above symptoms. On day 3, my depression and anxiety completely dissapeared. I actually would experience an elation sensation after using the Alpha-Stim. I still took the Xanax / Klonopin as I need to wean off of them so I don't get withdrawl, but I honestly don't feel like I need them anymore. Since day 3, I have remained without a single panic attack. My anxiety is not 100% gone, but I would say it is 80-90% reduced. I have done a ton of research on anxiety / depression down to the cellular level. It is my theory that this device somehow stimulates the cells to fire more rapidly, making use of serotonin at within the synaptic cleft. My theory is based on the fact that after using the device, I get somewhat anxious for about an hour, this would be the stimulation effect on the 5HT1a receptors. Shortly, after an hour, the anxiety dissapears, and my body is calm and cells are firing like they should. I am on my second week now, and continue to do well. I hope to be back to work soon now, when the thought of ever working again, never seemed possible, prior to using this device. Like most Dr.'s and psychiatrists, I was skeptical in the beginning. The testimonials on this device I could only find on Alpha-Stim web site. I wanted to see what ordinary people had to say about this device in other chat rooms or forums, but because the word hasn't hit the street yet, I now think this is the reason why I can't find this information. I figured since I was borrowing the unit from my friend, I had nothing to lose in trying the Alpha-Stim. I am living proof that this device works. I am not a conditioned person. I feel what I feel and the sensations are true and real. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at GARY1RN@YAHOO.COM I am in no way shape or form affiliated with Alpha-Stim or any of their resellers. I am merely an RN who functioned well x 13 years, who developed this order after a traumatic event which took place in my life that I don't want to get into here. Take care, and good luck to all that choose to use this device.

Date: June 15, 2006
Organization: Richard A. Loescher, MD
Location: Eugene, OR
Author: Richard A. Loescher, MD
Indications: Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Nausea and Vomiting
Use of Alpha-Stim for Nausea and Vomiting, Case Report of a Woman With Crohn’s Disease

The patient is a 40-year-old woman with a long history of Crohn’s disease of the small and large intestine for more than 20 years. She has had multiple abdominal operations with removal of much of the small and large intestine, with an ileorectal anastomosis. She has severe chronic abdominal pain, requiring daily use of narcotics (methadone and oxycodone). She has chronic diarrhea, frequent episodes of nausea and vomiting, and severe anxiety and insomnia. Her nausea and vomiting often requires treatment with very expensive antinausea medicine (Marinol orally and Zofran by injection). The nausea and vomiting have been helped in the past with the use of a TENS unit, ReliefBand, stimulating the acupuncture point pericardial meridian 6 on the distal forearm on the palmar surface over the median nerve. She also had temporary decrease in her nausea and abdominal pain with acupuncture treatments. Three months ago she began using the Alpha-Stim 100 with CES one hour daily for two months, and then one hour every three days after that. She has experienced a very dramatic decrease in her anxiety, much improvement in her sleep pattern, and dramatic decrease in the nausea and vomiting. She feels that the Alpha-Stim treatment works better for the nausea and vomiting, and the benefit lasts much longer, than what she experienced with use of the ReliefBand. Alpha-Stim CES gave improvement in the nausea within a few minutes, with the benefit lasting for many hours or all day. She also used the probes, one on the pericardial meridian point 6 and one on the opposite side of the forearm, with very good effect on the nausea within a few seconds, with much longer benefit (hours or all day) than occurred with use of the ReliefBand. In fact, in the past month she did not use any antinausea medicine, which is a longer time than she has ever gone before without needing that type of medicine. Her abdominal pain and diarrhea have not changed significantly. She did not tolerate the AS-Trodes V pads on the skin of the abdomen because of contact dermatitis. Use of the probes on the abdomen and back did not seem to help her abdominal pain. In the past, she had bilateral carpal tunnel release for carpal tunnel syndrome. She subsequently had recurrence of some carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Since using the Alpha-Stim probes on the pericardial meridian point 6, the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms have decreased markedly.

Date: March 17 2006
Organization: Pat Eaklor, MC, LPC, LISAC
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Author: Pat Eaklor, MC, LPC, LISAC
Indications: Pain

I purchased my Alpha-Stim in April, 2005, at a U. S. Journal Training seminar held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since age 12, I have been a chronic-pain person, and have been on narcotic maintenance for the past seven years. This enables me to keep my pain at a level 4, which is tolerable. (By the way, I measure my pain by the following pain schedule: A scale of 0 to 10, where 0 = No Pain and 10 = Pain so intense I pass out. The day I tried the Alpha-Stim, I was in exceptional pain partly due to a too-firm mattress; and I had an almost-constant headache which, at that point, had made listening and concentration very difficult for about three days. My headache was completely gone after 40 minutes with the Alpha-Stim; and my pain was decreased to the point that I could listen to the presenters. Since that time, I have been able to reduce my Oxycontin from 5 pills per day to 3 per day; and my break-through Oxycodone from a maximum of 4 per day to about 2 per day, depending upon circumstances. So, to all you pain sufferers out there: The Alpha-Stim works like nothing else I have ever tried, and I've tried everything I could get access to. Give it a try; and remember that Alpha-Stim helps more the more you use it!

Date:March 17 2006
Organization: Virginia White, RN, LMHP
Location: Hastings, NE
Author: Virginia White, RN, LMHP
Indications:Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety

Patient reports about the Alpha-Stim

The first is a 45 year old woman who had been severely abused as a child. Her abuser was obviously right handed because she had been beaten on her right side. She has some cognitive deficits because of this, and more recently has required a hip replacement because of the abuse. Over the years, she has developed many fears, difficulty sleeping, and major depression. She was on a number of medications when I started working with her. She has done a number of neurofeedback sessions along with counseling as well. Because of her trauma, she has been depressed for years and also on medications. After her surgery, she complained of gaining weight because of the antidepressant, and she started to us the Alpha-Stim on a daily basis. Currently, she is off her medications and is functions quite well. Her coworkers have told her that her medications must really be working well for her, and she did have to inform them that she is no longer on any medications. The same week end she had a visit from a relative and they also said the same thing, “your medicine must really be working from you.” She had to again report that she was no longer on any medications

This is a real success story.

Another individual that has had very severe panic attacks for several years and has been on many medications has also used the Alpha-Stim. She too has had neurotherapy for a time to deal with the panic disordere. Her anxiety was so extreme that it would put her in bed for several days following an attack. She began using the Alpha-Stim before she gets out of bed in the mornings and has not had any problem with her energy. She is able to function very well and has also been able to decrease her medications.

Another person, who is a teacher, has had several car accidents. Prior to her accidents, her sister was killed in a car wreck. She also has fibromyalgia, TMJ, depression, allergies, heart problems, and is also on many medications. She has had frequent messages, and also goes to physical therapy regularly, at least a couple of times a week over a period of years. She had such rigidity in her back and neck that she was not able to bring her head down to her chin and had muscle tension in the shoulders and the back of her neck. After using the Alpha-Stim for a couple of months, she is now able to bring her head down to her chest, her physical therapist cannot believe the extension she is able to get on her muscles, and while she still has some rigidity, she was able to play racket ball this past weekend.

When she came in last week, she said that she was ready to become a poster person for Alpha-Stim.

Date: February 7, 2006
Organization: Petra W Garnett, BCIA-C
Location: Not Given
Author: Petra W Garnett, BCIA-C
Indications: Pain, Insomnia

I have been working with the Alpha-Stim CES in my practice for a little over one year and find the results amazing! Three of my patients have severe head injuries, causing them to suffer from debilitating headaches, insomnia and memory loss. I was only able to treat them for 40 minutes a week, but after 2 treatments they reported positive changes

in their sleep patterns and memory. One of them, a painter, who had developed a certain technique and was not able to use it anymore, started painting again, using the previously forgotten technique. Another patient, who complained about "chaotic thinking" can now

prioritize and "ges things done" after he uses the Alpha-Stim for 1 hour. Both have bought their own Alpha-Stim and although their injuries are permanent, they are able to function reasonably well, which they had been told would be impossible. Another patient is finally getting his much needed sleep of at least 6 hours a night.

Since a few months I've also become the proud owner of an Alpha-Stim 100. It took me a while to figure out how to use the probes. Last week I treated a patient's very painful knee. He was walking with a cane. He rated the pain a #10 on the pain scale. After treatment he gave it a #1! He was so excited, he practically skipped out of the office, holding his cane up in the air. I also worked with a skeptical 14 year old, who has sustained injuries on his neck, shoulders and low back. It took a while to convince him to let me work on his neck and shoulders. He rated his pain at an #8 on the pain scale and after the treatment a #3! I'm very happy with the results and your support. Several times I e-mailed your company with questions, which were promptly answered. Thank you so much!!

Date: February 1, 2006
Organization:Henry Mann, MD
Location: Stonington, CT
Author: Henry Mann, MD
Indications: Stress, Anxiety, Depression

I bought an Alpha-Stim to try on people with ADD and soon found that it is one of the most calming experiences that I can offer my patients or myself. My diastolic blood pressure dropped from 82 to 70 within a month as it did for many of my patients. My patients report that it has improved their responses to the medications that they take, that it helps them feel better without medication and that it improves their response to neurofeedback. Several bipolar teenagers have done considerably better with Alpha-Stim. Adults who are stressed and/or anxious usually respond within about 10 minutes. One boy with a tic disorder doesn’t tic as long as he uses the Alpha-Stim® in the AM and another, with severe OCD who was on 300 mg a day of Zoloft without full benefit, stopped his frequent repetitive rituals almost immediately. So it sounds too good to be true, and I would not have believed that something as simple as this could be so effective unless I had seen it myself. I have found the Alpha-Stim both good for me, my patients and for my business, as nearly 85% percent of the patients who tried it bought one for home use.

Date: October 10, 2005
Organization: Dr. Nicholas G. Olari
Location: Not Given
Author: Dr. Nicholas G. Olari
Indications: Pain

I was introduced to the Alpha-Stim 100 microcurrent stimulator electrotherapy device approximately 10 months ago by Dr. Michael Perry. I have been asked to provide my experiences with it and am most happy to do so. The Alpha-Stim unit has been utilized almost exclusively on our patients over the last 10 months for a wide-ranging spectrum of foot and ankle conditions. This has included, but has not been limited to, capsulitis, fascitis, tendonitis, bone healing problems, RSDS, and post-operative pain.

Alpha-Stim has become our primary physical therapy treatment of choice due to excellent efficacy and tolerance by the patients. Usually two or three treatments over a week or so is sufficient for pain relief when combined with other treatment we provide (NSAIDS, cortisone injections, orthoses, etc.) It has almost completely replaced our older standby physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound, phonophoresis, and iontophoresis. Often immediate relief is attained and patient satisfaction is very high. It is very user friendly and cost-effective. Side effects are negligible. On a few occasions, I have referred patients to Dr, Perry directly to "rent" a unit for home use. This was helpful for older injuries, non-healing areas, and the RSDS case.

I am pleased to recommend the Alpha-Stim unit without hesitation. I initially had personal experience with it for treatment of a muscle injury, with immediate and (frankly) surprisingly good relief of symptoms.

Date: July 5, 2005
Organization:Sutter West Medical Group
Location:Davis, CA
Author: Eric Hassid
Indications:Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Pain

I would have to say at least 60-75% of patients get a reasonable measure of benefit from Alpha-Stim CES, enough to purchase a unit. I would say 25-40% get a dramatic effect. Sleep>anxiety>depression. Some get TMJ and headache relief. Very few have side effects. MET is less powerful of a sustained effect than CES. Overall, it is a great product; we are happy that we have incorporated it into the practice.

Date: May 5, 2005
Organization: Brain Optimization Institute
Location: Studio City, CA
Author: Larry Richardson, LAc.
Indications: Not Given

I have a small acupuncture practice in the Los Angeles area. I have been trying the Alpha-Stim with my clients and associates for about two months. Most of my clients notice the calming effects of the Alpha-Stim by the end of the first session. They are intrigued by the subtle nature of the effect. They know they are not being drugged or overpowered in any way. Instead, the calmness feels very natural and in harmony with their own thought processes, like a window being opened ever so slightly. Those who rent a unit for a few weeks just to experience the calming effect are often surprised to find that cravings for alcohol and binge foods have fallen away spontaneously. After using the unit myself, I've noticed an easy detachment from a surprising array of little cravings and compulsions I had picked up over the years. I've also noticed that letting go of cravings seems to go hand in hand with a clearer sense of priorities, again evidence that the effect is entirely natural and in harmony with the brain's highest functions. I find that it can even enhance executive function and meditation practices!

When I first tried the Alpha-Stim at a neurofeedback conference a few months ago, the treatment made me dizzy, even at the lowest setting of 100 µA. I returned the unit to the demonstration booth and opined that the Alpha-Stim was not for me. I rented the 5-DVD set of presentations by practitioners, however, thinking that the unit might be useful for some of my patients. When I heard Dr. Kirsch say on one of the DVDs that initial intolerance of even the low current settings is almost diagnostic of fibromyalgia, a bell went off, because I have chronic fatigue syndrome, basically the same condition! I bought a unit immediately, and later, along with an associate, bought ten additional units. In the past, because of my fatigue, I have found myself agreeing with neuroscientists such as Elkhonon Goldberg, who speculate that the placement of all the arousal centers in the lower parts of the human brain is an example of haphazard design, a fluke of evolution. After all, unlike a well-designed computer network, the brain has no distally located back-up system if something goes wrong (at least until the Alpha-Stim)! And, of course, things do go wrong in these areas all the time. Our ability to get things done as we age is affected, of course, but the rest of our organ systems can be affected as well: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immune dysfunctions, a host of afflictions can begin at this level of the limbic brain, but are not treated at the that level by contemporary medicine. Having entered the field of acupuncture with these cares in mind, I wasn't entirely surprised to find that some of my patients using the Alpha-Stim reported back that they were waking up with warm hands and feet for the first time in years, that bowel function had normalized in some cases, and that long-term tension in neck muscles had relaxed.

The Alpha-Stim has further convinced me that we can no longer allow the limbic brain's arousal system to continue as the step-child of modern medicine. Today, the limbic system is routinely ignored while treating disease supposedly originating at or below the neck, even though we know better. This oversight is becoming increasingly serious now that the first-world countries are experiencing an epidemic of type 2 diabetes that threatens the economic solvency of our medical delivery systems. Almost half of all diabetics abandon their diet, most out of a compulsion to comfort themselves with food. Are we going to give up on all these people, just dismissing them as victims of poor impulse control? Or are we going to start practicing brain-based 21st century medicine? It's time to wake up and experiment with using technology like the Alpha-Stim to ease dietary and life-style transitions we need to make in order to avoid a host of evils, including a medical-economic catastrophy in the making.

Date: March 30,2005
Organization: Not Given
Location: Davis, CA
Author: Gitane, Ph.D, MFT
Indications: Pain, Depression, Anxiety

I encourage clients struggling with depression and/or anxiety, as well as those who deal with chronic physical pain on a daily basis to explore alternative ways of dealing with their circumstances. While medications may be needed and even helpful at times they tend to included negative side effects as well, as we all know.

Some of my clients using Alpha-Stim are ever so delighted to find a sense of peace and ease at the end of their 20 minutes, or hour. From that place of calm, it is easier to consider how best to deal with life’s challenges. Choices become more apparent. A model in how to deal with the rough and raw moments in life emerges.

Date: March 28, 2005
Organization: Hanks Chiropractic Center
Location: Dallas, TX
Author: Dr. Ricky L. Hanks
Indications: Pain

As a chiropractor, I was unable to use my right hand due to a bowling incident where I fractured my pisiform. I called Dr. Ken Thomas, Dean of Chiropractic at Parker College and a lecturer on physiotherapy, to discuss my options. He recommended the Alpha-Stim 100 microcurrent stimulator and within 24 hours of use, my pain was gone and I was back adjusting full force with my right hand.

I have ordered two or more units and will begin using the Alpha-Stim 100 microcurrent stimulator in my practice full time.

Thank God for this product.

Date: March 23, 2005
Organization: The Cleveland Clinic
Location: Cleveland, OH
Author: Michael Hunter, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
Indications: Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia

I am an acupuncturist in a busy pain clinic and have been using the Alpha-Stim 100 for nearly three months. The first time I used the Alpha-Stim, I was impressed by the results. I have been using it every day since, and the results continue to impress me. With it, I have successfully treated all manner of pain syndromes, including back pain of all varieties, migraines, elbow pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, painful scars, post-surgical pain, and the list goes on. I have also used the unit successfully in treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, and fertility. It combines wonderfully with acupuncture and has greatly enhanced my effectiveness as a practitioner.

Thank you for bringing this device to market and for your contribution to the medical cannon. Your product and your expertise have helped me to help many people.

Date: August 30, 2004
Organization: Not Given
Location: Griffen, GA
Author: Frank Gordon, Ph.D.
Indications: Not Given

I was a purchaser of a CES unit called HealthPax two years ago. While my wife found it somewhat helpful, it did not seem to evoke a strong response. It was a real surprise then that upon trying your Alpha-Stim unit I felt an immediate change. I had never felt anything like this with the previous unit. Also after completing the treatment there was a very obvious change in stress and muscle tone in my neck and shoulders. Something that has not happened with the other unit. Add to this the possibility of using the probes for somatic spot treatments on the body and you find that your unit is far superior and more effective than any other I have seen on the market.

Thank you for your work and obvious devotion to excellence in the Alpha-Stim.

Date: July 8, 2004
Organization: Not Given
Location: Vermont
Author: M.W. (retired neurologist)
Indications: Pain

In February 1996, at the age of 66, I came down with severe fatigue and was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The diagnosis was confirmed by flow cytometry; CLL B-cells and kappa cells were found. An oncologist advised chemotherapy, but I declined. I held my own until September 1997, when I received an antibiotic for a rapidly progressive skin rash. I took the full course of medication and developed an enlarged, painful liver, presumably as an adverse response to medication. Because I am allergic to most pain medication, a neurosurgeon referred me to the Sports Medicine Clinic of the University of Vermont, where Dr. Steven Mann recommended an Alpha-Stim 100 for pain control and taught me how to use it.

I reported that the unit gave me 60%-90% pain relief. By December 1997, I was pain-free, and my liver was back to normal size. My liver function tests reverted to normal. I took no medication or herbal concoctions for the liver pain.

In May 1999, I developed firm, enlarged axillary lymph nodes, up to one inch in diameter. They made me so uncomfortable that I slept with my arms raised above my head. In an attempt to decrease the discomfort and pain, I applied the Alpha-Stim for 12 hours. To my relief and amazement, not only did I become pain-free, but the lymph nodes reduced to normal size within no more than 24 hours. Whenever the nodes enlarged, which usually occurred within 2 to 3 weeks, I applied the Alpha-Stim unit again as needed. My internist, Dr. Stephen Gorman, confirmed repeatedly that the lymph nodes had shrunk, and he was very pleased.

Until May 2002, liver function tests remained within normal limits, but then I abruptly developed acute toxic hepatitis attributed to an adverse response to the drug Tegretol. I had been taking this medication for 9 years, since a small brain-stem stroke (confirmed by MRI at the Massachusetts General Hospital). An all-night EEG with blood pressure monitoring demonstrated that I had a nocturnal seizure disorder. I stopped taking Tegretol, and within 6 weeks, my liver was no longer tender and enlarged. During that period, I again used the Alpha-Stim unit for pain control, with the same degree of pain relief.

In September 2003, I developed a pleural and pericardial effusion and generalized, severe joint pain. My doctor determined that I had an acute autoimmune condition, a diagnosis confirmed by echocardiogram, lung scans, and blood tests. Steroids and anti-inflammatory medication resolved this condition. During the acute phase, I did not use the Alpha-Stim.

From the time I started taking Tegretol, I had had routine liver function tests and blood tests. My test results had been normal until the liver toxicity set in. With the onset of leukemia, my blood was also tested for immuoglobulin (IgA, IgM, and IgL) levels. These test results are summarized in tabular form. My internist, on inspecting the blood counts, noted numerous instances when the white blood count and the lymphocyte count dropped after I had used the Alpha-Stim. Until the data are subjected to statistical analysis, the relevance of this observation will remain unknown. For this reason, I’m submitting this testimonial to you, Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, the inventor of the Alpha-Stim, for further examination.

Were this information to benefit other patients in some way in their fight against cancer, then I will feel that this attempt to contribute in a minor way is worthwhile. If the analysis demonstrates that my experience results from the well-recognized ‘placebo effect,’ no harm done.

Thank you for inventing the Alpha-Stim.

Date: June 14, 2004
Organization: Acupuncture Medical & Research Centre, Inc.
Location: Austin, TX
Author: Dee Ann Newbold, L.Ac.
Indications: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

My Office Manager was missing a lot of work due to severe depression and anxiety for which she did not want to take medication. After four (4) solid weeks of using the Alpha-Stim for depression and anxiety, she is happier, calm, and quite serene. She is even handling high stress aspects of her job much more effectively than I’ve ever seen her do before. I am very pleased with the performance of the Alpha-Stim in relation to my Office Manager’s depression and anxiety. Because of her success, I’m using the Alpha-Stim on my clients that experience depression and anxiety as well as insomnia. These clients notice a marked difference after just one session.

I am also excited about using this product for those patients of mine that have pain. With the excellent results I’ve seen for anxiety, depression and insomnia, I’m expecting the same when I use it for pain.

Date: December 16, 2003
Organization: Patrick Debock, PT
Location: Belgium
Author: Patrick Debock, PT
Indications: Pain

What's new from here? Well, the usual things. Your Alpha-Stims still work and I still teach about them, of course. I started October 4, this time 77 students in 3rd year PT. We've already had the chapter on electrotherapy for decreasing pain so they already know everything about Alpha-Stim microcurrent.

The problem is always to have a few nice examples, but this year I was lucky. During the lessons I always ask them who has an injury. Most people here play soccer and then have pain in their ankles or knees and so it's easy to have an example of what we could do with microcurrent or TENS or one of the other varieties. After the treatment I discuss the effect, how long it lasts and how strong it is, I use VAS scores and I always look for an exercise they could do to prove in a test-retest how much the improvement is. And one of the very nice examples was with one of the female students; she had a chronic bilateral achillestendinitis. Went to doctors, had echoes, physiotherapy, medicine (NSAID), stopped wearing high-heel shoes etc. But this did not completely solve the problem. Pain decreased to some acceptable level and she was trying to live with it. As I warned her that this is no attitude for a future PT, she said: but nothing helps. So I thought why not try something funny. I asked her to stand on her toes and heels and go up and down every 2 seconds and she was able to perform this 7 times before the pain came up. Then I started TENS treatment at the left achilles tendon, two electrodes (proximal - distal) having the TENS switched to gate-control (= modulated at 100 Hz, with very short pulsewidth). Mean time I asked a student to do a microcurrent treatment at the right tendon with an Alpha-Stim and probes. After 20 minutes both treatments stopped and I asked her again to stand on her toes and heels. After 40 times she started to feel it again but only on the left (TENS treatment) side. The right side remained pain free. First no comment was necessary of course but then one of the students said: you told us that TENS is a symptomatic treatment and microcurrent would be more treating the cause, how are we ever going to know the difference? So I said let's do the retest again after 20 minutes rest. I continued lecturing and after 20 minutes she did the same test again with the following funny result. Left: pain came back after 8 repetitions. Then I asked her to continue on the right foot only (which is labor for the tendon and muscle) and she went on to 40 repetitions and still felt nothing. Teaching is such a nice job if you have the right examples.

Date: June 15, 2003
Organization: Donna Hunn, PT
Location: Miles City, MT
Author: Donna Hunn, PT
Indications: Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

I am writing to praise the Alpha-Stim 100 both as patient and a professional. I have been using the product for only 10 days and I have noticed significant improvements in my energy level, mood, and pain. I have reduced the amount of medication I take for pain, anxiety, and depression.

My sleep cycle has improved dramatically. Prior to using Alpha-Stim 100, I never felt as though I could completely fall asleep at night. I woke up multiple times through the night to change positions and get comfortable. I was tired every morning and hit snooze button on the alarm 2 or more times. Since I started using the Alpha-Stim 100, I sleep all night long and have no recollection of waking up to change positions. I even wake feeling fully rested prior to the alarm. My goal is to gradually decrease my medication until I am free.

As a physical therapist, I am looking forward to helping my patients with this product, especially individual who do not seem to respond with traditional therapy treatments.I felt blessed to have been introduced to your product. Thank you very much for this opportunity to respond.

Date: April 29, 2003
Organization: Republic Hospital Aksakovstchina
Location: Chernobyl, Russia
Author: Dr. Sergey Korytko - Chief Doctor
Indications: Stress, Anxiety, Depression

We thank you kindly for your visit to our hospital and center of social-psychological rehabilitation in Aksakovstchina. Your attention and readiness to take part in minimization of the Chernobyl accident consequences have great importance for us. Your position of life and sincere interest to our nation fate lead to our profound respect to you. We are sure that you really ready to help us in completing of new building for rehabilitation. The rough estimate of this project is 1, 1 million $ and it could be finished in one year. We cherish hope for your help and collaboration.

We are glad to inform you that Alpha-Stim SCS is successfully used in our hospital.

Date: February 27, 2003
Organization: Timothy C. Short, Psy.D.
Location: Melbourne, Florida
Author: Timothy C. Short, Psy.D.
Indications: Pain, Depression

I would have never thought that I would be telling this sort of story or that I would become a proponent of a specific medical intervention but I have to share my experiences with the Alpha-Stim 100.

My wife is totally disabled. Following an injury seven years ago she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This illness has expressed itself with depression, impaired concentration and memory, fatigue, intractable pain and debilitating migraines. During the course of her illness we have tried everything. In the spirit of brevity I will not be specific but believe me when I say everything. October of 2002 a patient of mine, also with fibromyalgia, offered to loan me her Alpha-Stim 100. She had received it several years ago while attending a pain clinic in Washington state and found it beneficial. I accepted the loan of the Alpha-Stim with ambivalence. As I mentioned we have tried everything. There are three ways of applying the Alpha-Stim. Electrodes that clip to the ears, electrodes with adhesive that can be applied to the skin, and electrodes attached to a plastic pen like structure, which are designed to be moved from point to point. My patient included some protocols for all three modalities. The electrodes produce a small pulse of electricity and which is called Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET). The Alpha-Stim sat around for several days. Actually I had accepted the loan more as a courtesy than an experiment. One evening my wife began to complain of a migraine. The usual procedure was for her to then take a Zomig. Wait 30 minutes and, in almost all cases, then take an Imitrex injection, lay down for a couple of hours and get up with a “bruised head.” On that night I used the Alpha-Stim. I used the probes and followed the protocol for head and neck pain. The treatment consisted of ten second applications of the probes bilaterally to several points on the head, neck and shoulders. The total time was about three minutes. My wife sat quietly while I followed the protocol, I must say with ambivalence, fully expecting to be sent for the Zomig and the Imitrex.

Three minutes later I asked how she was and her reply was, “much better. I’m back to my usual level of pain.” She later noted that she went from a nine to a two. I was still ambivalent…. Placebo effect? The great healing hands of the old husband? Nurturing? I wasn’t sure but I was interested. We had the same results with two subsequent migraines (at least weekly occurrences). About that time my wife began using the ear clip application once a day for 45 minutes. Currently she uses the clips twice a day for 20 minutes each time.

In November we asked our physician to prescribe an Alpha-Stim. He rolled his eyes, commented that it was “harmless,” and wrote the prescription. We returned to our physician in early February. We told him that my wife had not filled a prescription for her migraine medication since October. She still has her Imitrex and Zomig from that October prescription. She reported no migraines for the last twelve weeks. She also noted that she felt less depressed, has more energy and improved concentration. I have watched her return to cooking, an activity that she had been unable to organize or accomplish for several years, increase her activity with her grandchildren and house chores all while demonstrating an improved mood and affect. Her concentration improved and family members began to remark that mom was, “more with it.” Use of pain medication decreased. Now I was really interested and so was my physician. We continued to use the Alpha-Stim as mentioned above. We seldom have to use the probes for head pain but we are using applications for back and leg pain prn. I have even begun using the ear clips myself for 20 minutes every other day and find them to be relaxing.

Exploring the literature increased my interest. There is research showing benefits in the treatment of pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, substance abuse inpatient treatment, MS etc. etc. I have used the ear clips to treat anxiety and depression with some of my patients and have found mild to marked benefits reported. In patients who are suffering from chronic pain use of the ear clips is usually accompanied by an increase in energy, mood and in most cases a reported decrease in pain. The concomitant conditions of chronic pain, anxiety and depression would seem to argue that reduction in one area could well be expected to bring about improvement in another. Of course the Alpha-Stim 100 does not help everybody, nor does penicillin for that matter, but I am very interested in seeing that this method of treatment be made available to appropriate patients and that physicians learn of this treatment modality. Several of my patients are being prescribed the Alpha-Stim by their physicians usually with the same eye rolling that our family physician used at the beginning. I look forward to their input and working in conjunction with them using the Alpha-Stim. By the way, I have loaned our family doc an Alpha-Stim and he was delighted. He’s experimenting, and learning as I write. I have a busy practice but I have also decided to become an Alpha-Stim Distributor. I have never been much of a businessman, which is perhaps one of the distant reasons I became a psychologist, but I want this technology available in this area. I, with my staff, will supply Alpha-Stims, information, materials and support. The best thing I can say is that my wife is better, not cured but markedly better. Better than the Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, Zanaflex, Oxicodone, Acupuncture, physical therapy, herbs, supplements, support groups, message, chiropractic, Imitrex, Zomig, Maltrex had ever accomplished in combination or by themselves. We still use some antidepressants and pain meds but have plans for the reductions of both. No migraine medications in almost twenty weeks! No migraines! Depression markedly improved!

Thanks for your time. I hope that I did not go on to long, it’s just that I have watched the decline of my wife and lived with her disability for seven years now, so I am a real sucker for IMPROVEMENT!

Date: August 10, 2002
Organization: AK Fitness Therapy Center
Location: Longview, Texas
Author: Joseph H. Anders, L.P.T.
Indications: Pain

I am a Physical Therapist who has worked in the trenches for the last twenty-eight years doing mostly hands on treatment. The last twenty years, I have owned my own business. To keep up with the Jones’ I have bought many medical devices, none ever come close to performing like the claims they came with, except the Alpha-Stim 100.

We had used an Alpha-Stim two years ago and had it set most of the time as it only did occasional work. This was until I went to the class in Mineral Wells, Texas where the medical directors gave the class.
Our only instruction at first was from a vendor who himself did not know how to use the Alpha-Stim. We were using it all wrong I found out. The use of nasal spray for a conductor medium, rechargeable batteries, and only doing two out of the five protocols had the Alpha-Stim at a disadvantage to perform.
Now using it correctly I have seven units being used constantly with great success in decreased to eliminating pain in all types of patients. I hope you give it a try as it is the device of the future. Don’t be left out.

Date: July 11, 2002
Organization: Susan Flores, RN
Location: Munster, IN
Author: Susan Flores, RN
Indications: Pain

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience the benefits of the Alpha-Stim firsthand. I suffer from often recurring acute pancreatitis (idiopathic), and was newly diagnosed with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis which has caused at intervals debilitating pain, with residual, but tolerable, chronic neck and leg pain.

After rejecting many pain management doctors in the deep south where the stigma of pain and almost degrading treatment of patients is widespread, I was fortunate to have my neurologist send me to a surprisingly progressive physical therapist where I was first introduced to the Alpha-Stimulator. All I can say is that I was in instant heaven.

I am a critical care registered nurse and, for obvious reasons, could not take all the medications that were recommended to me, unless I would have wished to be removed from caring for patients which is not a desirable option.

For all those doctors who have never heard of this wonderful device, I wish I could get the word out to every one of them. I do not have the device at home, but I continue to see my therapist for treatment and have not needed to take the multitude of medications the pain doctors insisted I would need forever.

I would like to see the Alpha-Stim introduced openly to all patients as an option to treatment that by law they have the right to know about, and since my insurance company doctor had absolutely no idea what this is, (when he promptly denied coverage of it), I would like to see it become an accepted treatment option and not just thought of as some mystical, alternative method of treating pain. I thank you for your much appreciated Godsend and cannot express enough how you have given my personal and professional life back.

Date: July 9, 2002
Organization: Iris Schwagger, DVM
Location: Switzerland
Author: Iris Schwagger, DVM
Indications: Anxiety

Using CES on anxious and stressed dogs/horses makes them visibly relaxed, well-balanced and more accepting of other treatments.

Date: July 9, 2002
Organization: Robert Smatt, DVM, L.Ac.
Location: San Diego, CA
Author: Robert Smatt, DVM, L.Ac.
Indications: Pain, Anxiety

I have a holistic small animal practice in San Diego, California. I am also a licensed human acupuncturist. I have been using the Alpha-Stim for five years in animals and humans for all manner of conditions from frozen shoulders, to all manner of pain, and behavioral problems. In my human patients I have never failed to achieve immediate significant pain relief in the first treatment (I know because they tell me so) That means 75 to 100% pain relief right now - 100% in toothaches in the first treatment. I use the probes for pain control in dogs and cats with very definite success too, followed by CES for 20 minutes. I use the CES ear clips for calming anxious cats, especially those with cystitis, and to stop dogs from chewing at lick granulomas. CES works great to stop feather picking in birds by applying the probes to the area of ear canals for about 2-3 minutes. I couldn't think of practicing without an Alpha-Stim. In fact, I carry one wherever I go.

Date: July 10, 2002
Organization: Animal Fitness Center
Location: Union, MO
Author: Ava Frick, DVM
Indications: Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

To: Vet Practice News

RE: July Issue & Pain Management Focus

It is great that you have opened up the field of animal pain management through your magazine. This has certainly been an area previously overlooked in veterinary care. In reviewing this issue I found ten articles concerning this topic in which the bottom line for all except one (acupuncture) revolved around the use of chemical drugs.

At my practice, Animal Fitness Center, P.C., the slogan is; “Eliminating pain is what we do best!” I am AVCA certified in animal chiropractic and with that have focused the past 5 years in rehabilitation and pain management.

There is technology available that would apply to every pain article plus “Anxious Pet May Need Drug Therapy” as well and it is drug free. Electromedical Products International, Inc. 21 years ago developed microcurrent technology using alpha wave modification. Alpha-Stim 100 is a precision medical instrument licensed for the control of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. I have used this on many cases where conventional drugs were not helping the animal and without side effects of the drugs. Owners can lease the unit and continue therapy at home.

I encourage you to open up your magazine just one step further and take a closer look at Alpha-Stim. The veterinary profession needs to become more aware of ALL that is available for pain management. You may contact me or visit the web sites.

Date: July 2, 2002
Organization: Animal Fitness Center
Location: Union, MO
Author: Ava Frick, DVM
Indications: Pain, Anxiety

There has been nothing in the veterinary industry that can do for animals what Alpha-Stim does. It is a drugless behavior and pain management. Totally safe and effective, the AS-SCS and AS100 have made positive changes in my patients suffering from:

Pain (joints, bone, neuro, other soft tissue)
Cognitive dysfunction
Lick granulomas
Fear biting aggression
Neurological dysfunction (UMN and LMN)
Urinary incontinence
Anorexia in cats
Loss of social status in home
Overreactive sympathetic system in horses
Post surgical pain
Overgrooming in cats

Clients are thrilled and amazed at the changes in their animals following Alpha-Stim treatments. Thanks to Electromedical Products International, at Animal Fitness Center our slogan is; "Eliminating pain is what we do best!" TM Any veterinarians wanting to be on top of pain management needs to have Alpha-Stim in their hospital.

Date: April 23, 2002
Organization:Clinical Pain Management
Location: Port Charlotte, Florida
Author: Dennis Lazar, ND
Indications: Pain

Thank you so much for the extremely informative and motivating presentation you produced for us. We came away really pumped up with enthusiasm and ready to spread "the gospel of Alpha-Stim".

Upon our arrival in Florida, I couldn't wait to try out some of the wonders we had heard about in Mineral Wells. Tim from Oklahoma had mentioned a doctor who had zapped hemorrhoids with the AS-100. I gave a 100 to a patient who has suffered with refractory hemorrhoids for many years. He has had surgery (very painful) two years ago and still was going through every day with nonstop pain, burning, itching and bleeding. The whole anal area was raw and inflamed. He has been using Tucks pads and hydrocortizone cream without much help. I told him to place one AS-Trode on his abdomen, just above the pubic area (shaved first). Then the other electrode was folded into a cotton cosmetic pad, saturated with solution and placed appropriately. That night, he zapped the ‘rhoids with 600µA for 1 hour followed by 100µA the rest of the night. He stated that from the moment he turned up the knob, the itching and burning ceased. The next morning he was pain, itching, and bleeding free and has had no further hemorrhoid discomfort or symptoms since (he treats at 100µA all night every other night) and has remained symptom free for over a week!!

I gave a woman who has long suffered from irritable bowl syndrome a machine and showed her how to place the AS-Trodes in a large X through the abdominal area and she did the same treatment as the hemorrhoid man, 600µA and then 100µA all night. Then 100µA all night the next night. Now, for three days, she is out of the bathroom and enjoying life!! She was on the pottie up to 10 times a day before. Ouch!!

I can't believe it. It's too good to be true!! Look out preparation H. Prepare for bankruptcy, all you proctologists and gastroenterologists. If only we could advertise it!!!

Again, thank you for the seminar and the BBQ and the good fellowship. You have a great staff and a wonderful product. The world needs to know.

Date: March 27, 2002
Organization: Robert F. Fischer, M.D.
Location: Anderson, CA
Author: Robert F. Fischer, M.D.
Indications: Anxiety, Depression

I am a psychiatrist practicing in California and I have had the opportunity to utilize the Extra Cranial Stimulation function of the Alpha-Stim 100 Unit for the past eight years, observing its beneficial effects.

I have been extremely impressed by this function’s antidepressant and anti-anxiety benefits through its ability to help the user “let go” of their habitual thoughts and feelings.

It has been extremely effective in ameliorating symptoms in both mild depression and mild anxiety states in a remarkably rapid and efficient manner.

Date: February 20, 2002
Organization: American Academy of Pain Management
Location: California
Author: Richard S. Weiner, PhD
Indications: Pain

I am working hard to recover from pancreatic cancer. This disease causes pain and fatigue. I have utilized numerous treatment modalities to help me cope with the pain. I have found that the Alpha-Stim alone, Alpha-Stim combined with other modalities helps tremendously. The Alpha-Stim device often reduced/eliminated my pain within minutes. The Alpha-Stim has been wonderful. I relied principally on use of the 4 pads but also found the probes and the ear clips helpful. I am not engaged in electromedical research, but I know pain relief when I experience it and wanted to write to you and share my experience with you.

Date: September 21, 2001
Organization: Rodney Van Pelt, M.D.
Location: Ukiah, CA
Author: Rodney Van Pelt, M.D.
Indications: Insomnia

My patient is helped ALOT with her insomnia! She was very hesitant to use it because she had recently been sent into a tail spin following another treatment with electro-medicine (macro-current).

But she had confidence in me (and ultimately Alpha-Stim) and went ahead and used it. It is transforming her life!

Date: September 19, 2001
Organization: Pierre L. LeRoy, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Location: Newark, DE
Author: Pierre L. LeRoy, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Indications: Pain

I wish to thank your company, Electromedical Products International, Inc., for lending the Delaware Pain Clinic program the FDA approved Alpha-Stim units for clinical trials to evaluate and treat chronic, refractory neuropathic and myofacial pain syndromes, without any financial interests.

Our limited trials of ten patients who had both Somatic and Psychological diagnosis - were drug free and provided informed consent agreements.

We were very impressed they demonstrated significant clinical improvements. This group included non-operative, pre-operative, and post-operative treatments.

The results were encouraging enough to recommend a larger series for clinical trials in order to accumulate more data, to better determine efficacy to avoid more complex neuroaugmentive or ablative neurosurgical procedures by spinal and brain stimulators, and trial of post-operative patients who have significant residual pain syndromes as adjunctive therapy for those who are drug sensitive or intolerant.

Date: September 14, 2001
Organization: Mary Hill, RN
Location: Not Given
Author: Mary Hill, RN
Indications: Pain

I've used the Alpha-Stim so often that I'm probably going to run out of the fluid to wet the felt tips. I will be trying the Alpha-Stim on a couple of anesthesiologists tomorrow. I absolutely LOVE it. I have never awakened without pain since my failed surgery (4 years ago) until day before yesterday. My pain returns soon after I get up but the pain is due to my holding my head up and is inevitable.

The relaxation is great and I bet this thing could save a few marriages!!!

Date: September 30, 2001
Organization: Norwich Youth & Family Services
Location: Oakdale, CT
Author: Donna Chase, LMFT
Indications: Pain, Insomnia

I have had RSD for 4 years and my sleep has been affected more and more. Before I had the Alpha-Stim I slept at best 2-3 hours. Now with the Alpha-Stim I manage a straight 6 hours. I must use the Alpha-Stim for 1 hour each day. If I forget to use it as might happen on a busy day, I’m okay if it is only miss for 1 day but if I miss 2, I’m right back to 2-3 hours of sleep. Before this I have tried an expensive mattress, medication, hot baths, biofeedback, neurofeedback. None worked as easily as Alpha-Stim or as consistently. It has made a huge difference in my life.

Date: August 11, 2001
Organization: Julie L. Parker, LPC, LMFT
Location: Kerryville, Texas
Author: Julie L. Parker, LPC, LMFT
Indications: Pain

I have received a 50% to 90% reduction in pain by using the Alpha-Stim 100. I have been using this wonderful product since May 10 for NICO - Neurologically Induced Cavitinal Osteonecrosis - or bone death. I have severe pain in the bone above my front teeth and TMJ involvement. Just 20 minutes a day combined with self-accupuncture has made a wonderful difference.

Date: March 20, 2001
Organization: Utica Neurological Surgery, Inc.
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Author: Marilynn Lins, M.D.
Indications: Pain

I have been using the microstimulator in my office since late January 2001. It has totally changed my approach to treatment. I focus my practice on fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndromes, which naturally have been difficult to treat utilizing standard therapy practiced in the U.S. I have been interested in the electrical treatment of pain since my residency in the early 1970’s. The results that I have been obtaining have been miraculous. One gentleman with fibromyalgia, unable to work since 1997, has had a 30 to 35% decrease in pain with one month of therapy, averaging 2 to 3 treatments per week. His activity level has significantly improved. One lady, with severe fibromyalgia and headaches, of one year duration has also been treated for one month, averaging 2 treatments per week, now has controlled headache and her fibromyalgia pain is reduced 40 to 50%. Her activity level is improved and she is now seeking employment. I had another lady with post-traumatic left gluteal pain of one year duration which significantly impaired walking. This resolved after five treatments.

I had one gentleman, involved in a car accident, with significant diffuse myofascial strain and contusion of the left medial knee resulting in a marked limp. I saw him one week post injury. His limp resolved after one treatment. I treated him three times in as many days. Each time, his condition was improved. He cancelled his follow-up appointment the following week, stating that he was doing well. In fact, a friend, who is one of my patients, later asked me if there had ever been anything wrong with him related to the accident.

The Alpha-Stim has forever changed my treatment approach. I have never before experienced results like I have had in the past two months.

I am so thankful that I can give hope to patients in pain.

Date: March 15, 2001
Organization: Craig H. Lichtblau, M.D., P.A.
Location: North Palm Beach, Florida
Author: Craig H. Lichtblau, M.D., P.A.
Indications: Pain

I would like to thank you for introducing Alpha-Stim therapy to my rehabilitation practice last year. Since that time, we have been applying it as “attended electrical stimulation”, as a part of our patient’s physical therapy programs. The results have often been very good, and sometimes spectacular. It is especially rewarding to be able to offer this modality to chronic pain patients who have been unresponsive to all other therapies.

It is certainly advantageous to be able to provide in-office treatments with a device which, if effective, can subsequently be prescribed for the patient for home use. We have many patients who have been able to reduce their dependence on pain medications and have realized increased functional capacity as a result of having an Alpha-Stim at home.

In addition, because treatment is applied to the patient, vectoring through the areas of pain using hand-held probes, our therapists have commented that it offers a one-to-one, hands-on modality which fosters a closer bond between therapist and patient.

We currently have three Alpha-Stim 100 units being applied by four therapists in our facility. We appreciate your providing the machines, the supplies and the efficient processing of claims for our patients. The whole program has been of great benefit to us in helping our patients toward recovery.

Date: October 27, 2000
Organization: Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Author: Patrick De Bock, PT
Indications: Pain

I started to use portable TENS units in physical therapy about 12 years ago. I had the feeling that this was the best possible solution to do something about pain. But still too many patients kept complaining about pain and the additional use of drugs was often the only way out. On the other hand I realized that this way of treating pain is still only a symptomatic treatment. In April 1998, I started using the Alpha-Stim 100. From the very beginning, I noticed that this microcurrent device offers much more and better possibilities than any TENS device.

I use the Alpha-Stim in a variety of pathologies, as they are common in physical therapy, i.e. tendonitis, periostitis, traumatic ankle distortions, facet joint and intervertebral disc pain, etc. I had the opportunity to compare the Alpha-Stim to two other microcurrent devices and it is remarkable that there is still quite a difference. The Alpha-Stim shows its effects in less treatments and has a greater effect of decreasing the pain, i.e., the treatment of tendonitis of the supraspinatus muscle is sometimes only a matter of two treatments in three or four days. Of course this is in combination with manual therapy techniques but one of the remarkable effects is that further no drugs, such as NSAID’s, are being used. This leads to the conclusion that the Alpha-Stim microcurrent probably has its effects much closer to the cause of the injury or disease, which is a welcome alternative to the variety of symptomatic treatments in physical therapy. I think that according to the need for evidence based physical therapy the Alpha-Stim technology is what PT’s are waiting for.

The Alpha-Stim offers even more. The CES option is in physical therapy a welcome solution for the treatment of pathologies that include an overactivated sympathetic nervous system, such as in RSD and whiplash. CES was completely new to me and in this matter I want to thank you for lecturing here at the university in May last year. Your explanations on CES have been of great value to me and together with your book it helped me write the CES chapter in my book on electrotherapy.

Organization: Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
Author: Greg Vaughn
Indications: Pain
Tampa Bay Devil Rays

I have used your Alpha-Stim 100 Microcurrent Stimulator for several years and have had nothing but good results. The pain and inflammation that accompanies baseball injuries can be a limiting factor in performance, but the Alpha-Stim 100 has helped me avoid this. I would recommend it for anyone with muscle or joint injuries

Date: July 20, 2000
Organization: Dallas Cowboys Football Club
Location: Dallas, Texas
Author: Jim D. Maurer, L.A.T., A.T.C. - Head Athletic Trainer
Indications: Pain
Dallas Cowboys Football Club

Just a few thoughts in reference to our conversation the other day regarding skepticism in the medical community. We get so many calls from people who have “cures” for everything. So I can relate to the concerns of cautious practitioners as it pertains to new things. We do need to evaluate new methods of treatment scientifically. When you introduced me to Alpha-Stim back in 1994, I was skeptical. Although there was nowhere near the supporting data that exists today, we gave it a shot because we are always looking for ways to improve the care we give to our players. Since they can’t help us unless they are on the field, we have to be prepared to address virtually any type of acute or chronic pain/injury scenario. Due to our limited time frame for treatment during the season, we must use methods which are most effective. So, while we do look at studies, the bottom line for us is results.

Today, when I think of the Alpha-Stim technology, I don’t think in terms of what proof exists in some journal. We have used the Alpha-Stim repeatedly over the past six years on many different players. I have personally seen the excellent benefits of Alpha-Stim on everything from muscle sprain/strains, to back spasms, shoulders, hands, ankles, turf toe, etc. You name it, we have probably used Alpha-Stim to treat it at some point with pain relief and increased mobility being most evident. It is not a magic bullet, nothing is. For some things, we know to head straight for the Alpha-Stim. At other times we use it in more of a supporting role. We use a lot of different things, but without a doubt, Alpha-Stim is a key element of our overall treatment regimen.

Unfortunately, some practitioners may just be looking for any reason to dismiss what they do not yet understand. They would view anything you or I say about the efficacy of this treatment as anecdotal and in their eyes, worthless. Caution is good, but like anything else, it can be taken to extremes. I looked at the data, but also believe my own eyes and I continue to see results. Our players have confidence in the technology as well. As you know, our biggest challenge with Alpha-Stim lies in getting our guys to return the units because they work so well. They just don’t want to give them up and our units have a way of disappearing while other units that they obviously perceive as less effective do not.

In my opinion, any practitioner looking to help their patients should consider Alpha-Stim as a viable way to improve care by seeing it work. The fact is, Alpha-Stim needs to be seen in action or experienced to really be appreciated. As far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned, the Alpha-Stim 100 has stood the test of time yet remains at the forefront of electromedicine.

I look forward to working with you again this season.

Date: May 12, 2000
Location: Richmond, CA
Author: Elizabeth F. Nelson, M.D.
Indications: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

I have been using the Alpha-Stimulator for about one year. I have found it very easy to use and quiet effective. In the past I have used the Liss Stimulator but have found it cumbersome to use and not especially effective. I have used the Brain Tuner developed by Robert Beck, Ph.D. I have also found the Alpha-Stim to be more effective. Thank you for your willingness to do the research to validate the efficacy of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation.

Date: March 6, 2000
Organization: Arun D. Kulkarni, M.D.
Location: Bombay, India
Author: Arun D. Kulkarni, M.D.
Indications: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

As per our study design I am conducting cases and devoting time myself. At present I have got only four cases of fibromyalgia and another five cases of chronic pain, like PID at D2, cervical spondylosis and chronic back pain.

In the fibromyalgia cases I am giving only CES, but in other patients I have used either the probes or electrodes also.

Over all patients are happy with the treatment and they are getting good relief from pain. Fibromyalgia cases respond extremely well and are getting 80 to 90% relief. I am also highly convinced about Alpha-Stim technology now.

As word get out about this treatment, our patient flow will increase and the study will gain momentum. A few of my colleagues want to own an Alpha-Stim unit in the future for personal use after seeing its long term results. Please continue to give us guidance from time to time.

Date: February 3, 2000
Organization: Dr. Stuart M. Ellis, BDS, DPDS, MFGDP (UK)
Location: United Kingdom
Author: Dr. Stuart M. Ellis, BDS, DPDS, MFGDP (UK)
Indications: Anxiety

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (The Alpha-Stim SCS)

Until now most aids for the anxious patient have been drug related - such as sedation and in extreme cases general anaesthesia.

A new device from the United States shows much promise in providing the anxious patient with drug free relaxation.

The device (The Alpha-Stim SCS) functions by passing an electric waveform through the brain. This is quite painless and consists of nothing more than a couple of electrode ear clips. The patient is in control of the current and can increase or decrease it as desired. The control unit is a palm sized box.

The effect produced is a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and body heaviness.

The author of these pages has recently tested the device for the journal, Dental Practice, and has found a tremendous response with his anxious patients.

Advantages with this system are that as soon as it is switched off the effect is instantly reversible. The patient is able to drive straight home afterwards and resume their normal daily activities. This is in contrast to drug induced solutions such as sedative techniques where the effects of the drugs require hours to wear off.
Although the use of this technique in dentistry is in its early days it is already showing good promise and attracting a fair amount of attention.

With such good results I am very keen to see the more widespread use of this technoloy in the dental care of anxious patients.

Date: February 2, 2000
Organization: Utah JAZZ
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Author: Michael Shimensky, M.Ed., A.T.C., Head Athletic Trainer
Indications: Pain

Since purchasing the Alpha-Stim 100 a few years ago, I have incorporated additional units into our treatment and rehabilitation program. This has been used for sprains, strains, muscle spasms, pain control, and a variety of other problems. Our success rate has been excellent.

Our players find the Alpha-Stim convenient to use, both at home and on our airline charter service; in fact, my only dilemma is trying to get them to return the units to me!

Thanks for all your help.

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