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Animal Testimonials

Date:September 12, 2006
Author: Connie
Location: Perryville, MO
Indications:Anxiety, Insomnia

I got my Alpha-Stim when I had taken my dog to a vet that uses this in her practice. My dog, a very shy, fearful and timid Sheltie that I had was not getting any better and was fearing every thing he heard and seen. I have used this for 6 months on my dog and he has had remarkable changes. He now visits people in the nursing home on a monthly basis and does tricks for them, and the residents just love him. He still has some fear and shyness but he seems to face them much easier than before the AS. He also has been doing agility with me and we got our first novice agility title in July. I had taken him thru agility classes for the past year, but he was getting so scared he would not even do the courses and I completely quit him in agility until after using the Alpha-Stim for about 3 months. Then I decided to try agility with him again in July and he did great! Then I decided to give it a try and use it to help me sleep. I would fall asleep using it and some nights stay in a deep sleep all night long. I felt so good. I also seem to have a better mental status than I did before I used the AS. I used to feel depressed and had a lot of anxiety. I don't really have it now and seem to have a better self esteem. I can make decisions more easily now and have more confidence in my decisions and life in general.

Date: January 31, 2006
Author: Cindy Bushue
Location: Not Given
Indications: Anxiety, Insomnia

When we met you almost two years ago, our once vivacious Wheaten Terrier Webster was 12 years old, in declining health, and suffering from arthritis. Web was spending most of the time laying down rather than being active, as usual. He had trouble standing up – sometimes unable to do it on his own. He would happily greet visitors and go for car rides, then quickly lay down. He seemed depressed, maybe in pain. A year earlier, x-rays confirmed arthritis in his neck and back, and compressed discs in his neck. We considered pharmaceuticals to ease his arthritis but most warned of kidney side effects. With Wheatens prone to kidney disease, we chose not to use them. He had several bouts when the nerves pinched in his neck and for several days, he would lay motionless with his head on the floor, refusing to eat. Steroids and muscle relaxers helped. But these episodes were painful for him and agonizing for us to watch. The last time on steroids, his sweet personality changed and he became aggressive. Treating his symptoms with the pharmaceuticals wasn’t addressing the real problem, which seemed to be getting worse, so I began investigating holistic alternatives. Your name came up several times with high recommendations. At our first consultation, you spent a great deal of time analyzing x-rays, taking his history, asking lots of questions, and examining Web. You impressed me with your knowledge, your time, and extreme care. I remember you even asking for the outcome I hoped for which was to decrease his pain and increase his quality of life. Thankfully, you felt there were several things that could help Web. Over the next couple months, we delved into at-home treatments with infrared heat and Alpha-Stim. We visited with you regularly for chiropractic visits. You prescribed supplements for general nutritional support, as well as to treat the arthritis and alleviate pain. Great changes began to happen. Web spent much less time laying down and he seemed to be happy! He started chasing squirrels in the backyard and jumping up on the couch and our bed to sleep again. His fur began to take on a shiny, healthy appearance. Then we began PST treatments at your office, yielding even further improvements in Web over the next year. He started doing things that he hadn’t done in a long time – like going through an entire series of body stretches after waking, yawning deeply, playing with toys and chewing bones. He began to prance when he walked, wagged his tail more, and easily popped up to his feet from a laying down position. The clincher was my husband, a self-proclaimed skeptic, who noticed these wonderful changes in Web! Looking back over the last two years, we feel so fortunate to have found you. Webster gained amazing quality of life – much more than I ever dreamed possible. He’s a happy 14 year-old that has come back to life. We are so grateful and I sing your praises to my dog-loving friends and acquaintances. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Date:December 5, 2005
Author: Barbara Jacobsmeyer
Location: Not Given

I visited the website for Alpha Stim and read customer testimonials. One is from Linda King in University City, MO regarding her Greyhound, Jake. She apparently is a client of yours. After I read it, I began using the Alpha Stim on MY Jake twice daily, 20 minutes each. This was during Thanksgiving break and after I returned to work I was unable to do it twice a day so I began using it on him one hour a day on a level four. He tolerates it very well -- he sighs deeply and relaxes, usually sleeping the entire time. I have noticed his mobility has increased. He trots and runs more than he has in recent months. Another thing - I realized that Linda King, the writer of the customer testimonial, is the wife of a fellow I work with and I asked him how the 12-year old Greyhound is doing. He told me the dog is now 13 and his wife attributes the dog's longevity and mobility to the Alpha Stim. I'm thinking since it also helps my dog's mobility, he will be more active and therefore maintain his muscle mass and THAT will assist in keeping his weight at the proper level and keeping him in good physical shape. I'm so thankful for the Alpha Stim. One last thing - I used to be plagued with chronic white spots on my tonsils. I would be fatigued and drag myself around, half sick. I tried everything to get rid of them. Since I've been using the Alpha Stim on myself, the white spots have disappeared. I don't know if the current runs through that area and clears them out or if they were stress related and THAT has caused them to cease. I'm just thrilled to not have to worry about them anymore. They kept me in a weakened state and as soon as sinus infections would start up at work, I'd be the first one to catch them. NOT THIS YEAR! Thank you so much, Dr. Frick for turning me on to Alpha Stim. I could do a commercial for it. It's the best money I've ever spent.

Date: October 25, 2004
Author: Linda and Ken King
Location: University City, MO
Indications: Pain

My 12 year old greyhound, Jake, had been experiencing some rear-end/back leg difficulties. His legs would sort of fold in while walking in the back yard or around the block on leash. He also began hesitating using the flight of stairs up to the bedroom and would pace a lot before going up. Sometimes he would have a lot of trouble just getting up the stairs or coming down.

After a few months of trying supplements and acupuncture to help alleviate this problem, I went to consult with Dr. Ava Frick at Animal Fitness Center. She prescribed Alpha-Stim to us after making some chiropractic adjustments and readjusting our supplement routine. Within one week, while using the Alpha-Stim probes and ear clips twice daily, I noticed significant improvements. Jake began to strengthen in the rear legs and hesitate less in front of the steps. After the 2nd-3rd weeks, Jake began to jump up on our beds again and also get down and then back up again, which he hadn't done for quite some time. Into the 4th week, Jake had continued to strengthen and maintain the advances he achieved.

I am loaning the Alpha-Stim to my parents at the moment whose dog had surgery. I look forward to getting him back on the Alpha-Stim therapy to continue to strengthen his legs and ease his pain. It's incredible what this therapy has been able to do.

Date: July 10, 2002
Organization: Animal Fitness Center
Location: Union, MO
Author: Ava Frick, DVM
Indications: Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

To: Vet Practice News

RE: July Issue & Pain Management Focus

It is great that you have opened up the field of animal pain management through your magazine. This has certainly been an area previously overlooked in veterinary care. In reviewing this issue I found ten articles concerning this topic in which the bottom line for all except one (acupuncture) revolved around the use of chemical drugs.

At my practice, Animal Fitness Center, P.C., the slogan is; “Eliminating pain is what we do best!” I am AVCA certified in animal chiropractic and with that have focused the past 5 years in rehabilitation and pain management.

There is technology available that would apply to every pain article plus “Anxious Pet May Need Drug Therapy” as well and it is drug free. Electromedical Products International, Inc. 21 years ago developed microcurrent technology using alpha wave modification. Alpha-Stim 100 is a precision medical instrument licensed for the control of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. I have used this on many cases where conventional drugs were not helping the animal and without side effects of the drugs. Owners can lease the unit and continue therapy at home.

I encourage you to open up your magazine just one step further and take a closer look at Alpha-Stim. The veterinary profession needs to become more aware of ALL that is available for pain management. You may contact me or visit the web sites.

Date: July 9, 2002
Organization: Iris Schwagger, DVM
Location: Switzerland
Author: Iris Schwagger, DVM
Indications: Anxiety

Using CES on anxious and stressed dogs/horses makes them visibly relaxed, well-balanced and more accepting of other treatments.

Date: July 9, 2002
Organization: Robert Smatt, DVM, L.Ac.
Location: San Diego, CA
Author: Robert Smatt, DVM, L.Ac.
Indications: Pain, Anxiety

I have a holistic small animal practice in San Diego, California. I am also a licensed human acupuncturist. I have been using the Alpha-Stim for five years in animals and humans for all manner of conditions from frozen shoulders, to all manner of pain, and behavioral problems. In my human patients I have never failed to achieve immediate significant pain relief in the first treatment (I know because they tell me so) That means 75 to 100% pain relief right now - 100% in toothaches in the first treatment. I use the probes for pain control in dogs and cats with very definite success too, followed by CES for 20 minutes. I use the CES ear clips for calming anxious cats, especially those with cystitis, and to stop dogs from chewing at lick granulomas. CES works great to stop feather picking in birds by applying the probes to the area of ear canals for about 2-3 minutes. I couldn't think of practicing without an Alpha-Stim. In fact, I carry one wherever I go.

Date: July 2, 2002
Organization: Animal Fitness Center
Location: Union, MO
Author: Ava Frick, DVM
Indications: Pain, Anxiety

There has been nothing in the veterinary industry that can do for animals what Alpha-Stim does. It is a drugless behavior and pain management. Totally safe and effective, the AS-SCS and AS100 have made positive changes in my patients suffering from:

Pain (joints, bone, neuro, other soft tissue)
Cognitive dysfunction
Lick granulomas
Fear biting aggression
Neurological dysfunction (UMN and LMN)
Urinary incontinence
Anorexia in cats
Loss of social status in home
Overreactive sympathetic system in horses
Post surgical pain
Overgrooming in cats

Clients are thrilled and amazed at the changes in their animals following Alpha-Stim treatments. Thanks to Electromedical Products International, at Animal Fitness Center our slogan is; "Eliminating pain is what we do best!" TM Any veterinarians wanting to be on top of pain management needs to have Alpha-Stim in their hospital.

Date: February 28, 2000
Author: Vicki Garvin
Location: Weatherford, TX
Indications: Pain, Anxiety

I bought an Alpha-Stim 100 to use on my dog Sara. She is a five year old toy poodle and had a bad vertebra in her back which kept her in a lot of pain.

We have used the Alpha-Stim on her for about six weeks and find that she has had marked improvement (75-99%). It is the most effective treatment we have had for her pain and anxiety. But most surprisingly, since we have been using the Alpha-Stim on Sara she has not had a seizure. Before starting the use of the Alpha-Stim, Sara had on the average of one seizure a week. We are hoping to completely get her off the phenobarbital. We purchased the machine because of her back problem, but it has also stopped the seizures.

Sara is more relaxed now, and does not get as excited as she used to!