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Broadcast on Local 10, South Florida (Published Online at www.local10.com), November 21, 2005:

Alpha-Stim Electric Treatment Depression Info

MIAMI--If the hurricane season left you feeling depressed, instead of self-medicating or taking an anti-depressant, you might want to try a therapy that involves electrical current. Dr. Larry Goodman is a member of the Hurricane Relief Team at the Wellness PSI Clinic associated with the University of Miami. Goodman said, "The Alpha Stim is an electrical medical device that generates electrical current in the micro-current range which means it's very small current that most of the time you can't feel." Goodman says the Alpha Stim is sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration totreat anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder -- conditions many hurricane victims are still feeling. UM is offering a free session to anyone interested in feeling better. Alpha Stim has donated adozen of the devices to UM to help hurricane victims deal with their anxiety and depression.