Published in the Mineral Wells Index, October 22, 2005 issue:

Local company donates stress-relief units for South Florida hurricane victims

Miami-Fla- Electromedical Products International, Inc, a Mineral Wells-based company, donated their latest technology in cranial electrotherapy stimulation (Alpha-Stim 100) to University of Miami’s Center for Integrative and Complementary/Alternative medicine in an effort to treat South Florida hurricane victims coping with the psychological aftermath of recent storms.

Twelve Alpha-Stim 100 units, prescription medical devices, were taken to clinics throughout South Florida by a team of health care professionals from the University of Miami as well as volunteers from the local medical community. Hurricane victims received the free initial Alpha-Stim 100 treatment in September at the Acupuncture Clinic at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and at the Wellness PSI Clinic located in Miami.

“Some of the patients treated by the Alpha-Stim 100 suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming all the way back to Hurricane Andrew”, said Dr. Larry Goodman, a member of the hurricane relief team from the Wellness PSI Clinic. Dr. Janet Konefal, University of Miami Department of Psychiatry, reports that patients treated with the Alpha-Stim 100 have had excellent results, but due to the cumulative effects of the medical device, she encourages continued treatment for success on a long-term basis. There are plans to continue offering treatments through the aftermath of the most recent store, Hurricane Wilma.

The Alpha-Stim 100 is a FDA sanctioned device that treats depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia with microcurrent using a method called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES). The current is applied by easy to use clip electrodes that attach on the ear lobes. Used just 20 to 40 minutes every day, every other day, or on an as-needed basis, it can help induce a pleasant, relaxed feeling of well being. Side effects are minimal and self-limited.

A doctor’s prescription is required in the United States, but not elsewhere. The Alpha-Stim has been proven to provide significant relief for 9 out of 10 people who use it.