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Published in Mineral Wells Index, October 16, 1994 issue:

Electromedical Moves to Mineral Wells, Texas

"I have seen people walk away from their wheelchairs" said Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, Chairman of Electromedical Products International, Inc. (EPII) and inventor of Alpha-Stim technology. "After a while, you start to expect what most people call miracles," he adds.

After meeting industrial developer Steve Butcher at a business relocation conference in Los Angeles, Dr. Kirsch first came to check out Mineral Wells last year. Mr. Butcher set things up for the town doctors to check him out, too.

He gave a talk at Palo Pinto General Hospital and in fact, after a one minute demonstration on each of two patients who recently had knee surgery, both hesitantly stood up and did indeed walk away from their wheelchairs without pain. Needless to say, the doctors, physical therapists, patients, and former Mayor Jim Buzbee were all rather amazed.

Electromedical Products International, Inc. moved to Mineral Wells in March of this year increasing the population of Mineral Wells by five.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1981, the company now occupies the former Industrial Technology building at 2201 Garrett Morris Parkway, down the road from Wal-Mart. They were able to maintain their well known 1-800-FOR-PAIN phone number. Dr. and Mrs. Kirsch were impressed by the friendly people here and having always been fascinated by medical history, Dr. Kirsch thought living in the town that was built on Crazy Water sounded perfect to him. "Like the old Crazy Water, we also have an amazingly effective natural therapy that the U.S. government is attempting to suppress," he said.

A typical day in the life of an EPII employee is filled with amazing, and often heartbreaking stories from people in severe pain, calling from all over the world, most of whom become functional again after one or several treatments from the company's little "white box" called the Alpha-Stim 100.

Last month a 13 year old girl came in with a prescription for an Alpha-Stim for her unrelenting headaches. The doctors in Fort Worth gave up after trying all kinds of drugs for almost a year. In 20 seconds the headache was gone and her mother became hysterical. "We give people their lives back," said Tracey Kirsch, the company's President.

Some people are angry that their doctors didn't know about the Alpha-Stim.

Nancy Eichhorn of Dover, New Hampshire was. She used to run eight to ten miles a day, cycle and workout at a gym until her knees retaliated.

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs, cortisone, ice packs, and even other electrical stimulators failed to relieve Nancy's pain. She said "The pain was off the scale. I barely left my bed for three months. I began using the Alpha-Stim three times a week for an hour each session. After two weeks the swelling subsided. I went dancing for the first time in over a year. I am running two miles a day now. I felt like a miracle occurred. I was also angry that my doctor hadn't known about the Alpha-Stim. I could have lived the last year of my life in a lot less pain had he been up to date with Dr. Kirsch's technology."

"The most rewarding thing I have seen," said Richard Floyd, the Vice President of EPII, "is what we now call the 'Cocoon Effect', in reference to the movie 'Cocoon'. Many older people, especially in their 70's and 80's will get a surge of energy when they treat all their scars with the Alpha-Stim."

Mr. Floyd has a background in Asian cultures, having lived in Japan and Hong Kong. He even teaches a karate class in Mineral Wells. "Having had exposure to Asian cultures makes it easier for me to understand how the Alpha-Stim works," he says. "It is more consistent with various systems of oriental medicine than the drug-based system we rely on here in the U.S."

Dr. Kirsch explains the reason for this is that scar tissue is an electrical resister that blocks the body's flow of naturally occurring electricity. This often causes pain and loss of energy as we age. "Tracey and I visited with several pain specialists in France this summer and they all said, 'but of course, we always treat scars!'"

A European doctor in America who specializes in treating scars and teaching other physicians how to do so is Dietrick Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., of Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Dr. Klinghardt, the President of the American Academy of Neural Therapy uses injections to break down scar tissue but found the Alpha-Stim to be the only thing as effective as injections.

Dr. Kirsch has been teaching, and some would say preaching, electro-medicine for 22 years now. Board certified in pain management, he served as the Clinical Director for the Center and Laboratory for Pain and Stress at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York.

After the Gulf war he was invited to Kuwait by their Minister of Health where he taught 400 doctors how to manage post-traumatic stress syndrome using the Alpha-Stim and other methods. His most recent publication is a chapter in the textbook, Innovations in Pain Management titled "Electromedicine: The Other Side of Physiology."

Dr. Kirsch explains that Western medicine limits itself to trying to treat diseases using chemical means, whereas it is really electricity that controls the body.

"Although historically it takes some time for the status quo in medicine to relinquish its power," says Dr. Kirsch, "the old medical model based solely on chemistry has failed in many ways and several new, more realistic models based on Einsteinian physics are now emerging."

Warmed to his subject, he talks on enthusiastically about just how incomplete medicine is. He mentions AIDS, cancer, arthritis, other forms of chronic pain, and many other diseases that medicine does little, if anything to help. "Not to mention the mixed message we give our kids. We tell them not to take drugs, but every other T.V. commercial, and most of the doctors we use offer a pill for any problem we have. But do they work, is it the best possible treatment to maintain the person's quality of life, and what about tolerance, addiction, and side effects? I think drugs should be a last resort, at least for the long-term management of chronic pain related problems."

This view is shared by 34% of Americans, according to a study published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" last year. That is how many people in this country are now using so-called "unconventional," or non-drug medicine.

The Journal reported that in 1990, patients spent $13.7 billion for alternative treatments of which $10.3 billion were out of pocket, non-reimbursable expenditures. Compare this to the $12.8 billion spent out of pocket annually for hospital expenses and you can see why some people say there is a silent revolution going on in health care.

Exactly what does the Alpha-Stim treat? According to Kirsch, it is just about equal to a pharmacy. "If you acknowledge the fact that bioelectricity controls every function in the body," he states, "it is easy to see how we can control pain, and a lot of other things that the FDA does not allow me to say in this country. The treatment is absolutely painless, and often works in just seconds, as fast as electricity can travel."

There are research studies showing the effectiveness of Alpha-Stim on everything from pain and anxiety control, helping people recover from substance abuse, to healing radiation therapy burns. The latter work having been done at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Cleveland, and at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Prominent pain specialists such as Nelson Hendler, M.D. in Baltimore, who wrote three books and numerous articles on pain control, now puts the Alpha-Stim on every patient he sees.

A recent letter from P.J. Lasher-Adler, M.D., Major, USAF and Chief of Anesthesia at Wright Patterson Air Force Base provides another glowing testimonial.

Dr. Lasher-Adler states, "These patients all experience either complete or significant pain relief from their Alpha-Stim treatments. Many of these patients have failed all other therapies including: medication, physical therapy, myofascial injections, nerve blocks, and biofeedback or other relaxation techniques.

The ability of these patients to treat themselves at home also saves time and money spent on clinic visits. Their significant pain relief often increases their productivity. They miss less work and are able to function better when they are at work."

The Dallas Cowboys use the Alpha-Stim. John Madden, FOX announcer, made a big deal of it during the October 9th game against the Phoenix Cardinals who the Cowboys thrashed by a 38 to 3 landslide. The Alpha-Stim was used to treat Emmitt Smith's multimillion dollar leg and was credited with keeping him in the game. CBS News then did a follow-up piece on Emmett and the Alpha-Stim on October 14th.

The Alpha-Stim is a unique product that has many uses, one of which is to relieve pain. But the uses are almost limitless as we found out having purchased a machine last summer.

Many "professional" medical people still haven't caught on to the value of the Alpha-Stim because they are still of a mind that the only way to fix things is with drugs and knives.

Hopefully Smith's, and the Cowboy's, high profile will result in a more rapid acceptance of the Alpha Stim and other alternative treatments.

Tracey Kirsch invites people in Mineral Wells to drop by for more information. She says, "we'll be happy to give our Mineral Wells neighbors a free demonstration with a prescription from their doctor. All our customers get results or they don't pay. Let's see the pharmaceutical industry match that record!" Sounds like it could be just the thing for that aching back.