Why wait any longer to treat your Pain, Anxiety, Depression or Insomnia?
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ALPHA-STIM® is registered in the US Patent and Trademark office and worldwide.

Published in Ms. Fitness magazine, Fall 1999 issue:

Stress Control with Alpha-Stim

Handling stress, depression and insomnia just got a lot easier with the introduction of the Alpha-Stim Stress Control System (SCS), an innovative microcurrent technology product developed by Electromedical Products International, Inc. (EPII).

The Alpha-Stim SCS relaxing benefits are accomplished through cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), which utilizes minute electrical impulses to achieve a relaxed state while the mind remains alert – relieving many of the effects of anxiety, depression and sleep-related disorders.

The hand-held SCS’s therapeutic results are delivered through two earclip electrodes that attach to the patient’s earlobes and can be used on a daily, every-other-day or as-needed basis. Each SCS unit has timer settings at 20 and 60 minutes, operates on 9-volt alkaline batteries, and is perfect for both clinical and home-use applications.

The Alpha-Stim SCS is currently available in the U.S. by prescription through licensed healthcare professionals. The SCS unit, which recently was introduced in Europe and Canada, will sell over-the-counter outside of the U.S.