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ALPHA-STIM® is registered in the US Patent and Trademark office and worldwide.

Broadcast on News 12 in Shreveport, LA, May 12, 2004

A little electricity is easing the strain of severe pain. Paula Gibson just didn't have time for the pain in her ankle anymore...pain that's had a profound impact on the retired kindergarten teacher's life

Paula Gibson, Alpha-Stim Patient: "The swelling the pressure it's horrible. I can't jump, hop, skip... any of those things I did when I taught kindergarten."

With a little electric microcurrent, between 0 and six hundred microamps, physical therapist Terry Eberhardt is shocking the pain away.

Terry Eberhardt, Physical Therapist: I call it a human battery charger because it gets those cells to function just like you were charging a battery in a car."

"It" is Alpha-Stim.

Terry Eberhardt, "It's an electric stimulation that helps reduce inflammation. It actually will treat insomnia, depression and anxiety for people who've had severe pain for long periods of times."

The device delivers small shocks to the system that, studies show...stimulates the cells to remove inflammation...the number one cause of pain...and relax the brain to an alpha state.

Terry Eberhardt, "Alpha is when you're just going to sleep or when you're just waking up and what this is doing is slowing you down to that state and you can feel it. Yeah!

With Alpha-Stim and exercise...Paula Gibson is managing her pain...and broadening her horizons.

Paula, "The Alpha-Stim has in essence saved my life because I know I don't have to hurt any more. I've gone from thinking what I can't do to what I can do."

The portable Alpha-Stim for use at home has just recently become available.

In a study of fibromyalgia patients at LSU Hospital, nearly all of the people who used it ended up getting one.